Cameras & Lenses
Sony FX6 4K Camera (full-frame)
Sony A7SIII 4K Camera (full-frame)
GoPro 9 Black Action Camera
CF Express A cards
V-locks, handheld rig, mattebox

Sigma Art Lenses for E-mount (full-frame):
· 14-24mm f2.8
· 24-70mm f2.8
· 24mm f1.4
· 35mm f1.4
· 50mm f1.4
· 85mm f1.4

Sony 70-200mm GM f2.8
Sony Teleconverter 2x
Sammyang 100mm macrolens
Helios 44mm
Canon to Sony lens adapter


Falcon Eyes RX-818 RGB flexible LED
Falcon Eyes RX-24TDX II flexible LED
Aputure 300D
Aputure 300X
38 inches dome softbox
Aputure Mini Dome
Aputure AL-F7
Aputure HR672W

Easyrig Minimax
Rode Wireless Go x 3
Rode Lavalier Mics x 3
Rode NTG-1 
Tascam external recorder
Zoom H1 external recorder
Elgato HD60 S+ Video Capture for livestreaming
DJI Ronin RS2 gimbal (with Raveneye and focus wheel)
7" SmallHD Bright Monitor
Manfrotto Slider 60 cm
Macbook Pro
My kit is available for renting out, just send me an email or whatsapp me on +44 (0)7748284233
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