Lula' (Short Film, 2016)
Award Nomination for Best Cinematography at The Richard Harris International Film Festival 2017
In German-occupied Poland, as the Gestapo close in on a Polish resistance officer in hiding, his young pregnant wife is faced with the difficult choice between protecting her husband or their unborn child.
The story of Lula is based on the real experiences of Regina 'Lula' Jakubowska on this particular day in 1944. The film is an exploration of what faced women in that era when they were left to survive on their own and in Lula's case, while 6 months pregnant. The film also examines the fine line between good and evil and shows that war is not always so black and white, no matter what side you fight for.
Director: Aoife O'Kelly
DoP: Gerard Puigmal
Producer: Sara Kurp
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